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Art never gets old. Adorn your dull and empty walls with a fine piece of wall art painting from verified artists, galleries and luxury retailers. Artlimes offers an amazing collection of wall art decor paintings worldwide.

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Common Styles of Art Paintings

Painting art has evolved over the years. From art painting on walls to canvas, artists have come a long way to depict life in various forms.

At Artlimes, we stock many common and emerging styles of art paintings that will leave you in awe of the composition and the thought behind it.

Abstract Paintings

Abstract painting on canvas depicts the simplest of things in a form that one may not easily understand. The objects can be as simple as geometrical shapes, lines, and even colours.

Figurative Paintings

Figurative paintings, as the name suggests, depict a figure ( humans, animals, etc.) that can be related to some real-life situation or event. One can easily recognise or relate to the figurative presentation in a single glance.

Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings depict nature in an artistic form. It evokes a sense of realism with canvas painted with the scenic beauty around such as trees, ocean and clouds.

Nature & Animals Paintings

Natural and animal paintings depict the fascinating world of wildlife and nature around us. It could be reptiles, elephants, cetaceans, and birds.

Nude Paintings

Nude paintings depict unclothed figures; something that has been sustained in western art for centuries. It captures the finer details of human bones, veins and other features.

Pop Art Paintings

Pop artist paintings depict the evolving art movement during the mid-to late-1950s. The objects range from striking ads, comics, magazines, cartoons, music artists, and mundane objects.


Realism paintings depict the contemporary world in its truest form. Nothing artificial or speculative element is included in the art. For instance, it features a poor family or the impact of globalization.

Still Life Paintings

Still life paintings depict everyday objects in their natural environment. It could be fruits, flowers, baskets, machines, bowls, or anything inanimate.

Street Art & Graffiti

Street art is popularly seen in public areas such as streets, trains, buildings and open sites that are open for people viewing. It is a form of self-expression on topics such as social injustice, abuse, and global warming.


Surrealism depicts semi-realistic objects such as morphed images, dream-life scenes, bizarre depictions of ordinary objects and distorted figures.

At Artlimes, we have an amazing collection of original wall art paintings and Limited Edition Art print paintings for sale online.

Do not doubt buying paintings online anymore or speak to us. Most art paintings and prints carry a Certificate of Authenticity and are signed by the artist.

Filter your art search in painting styles, sizes, colours, orientations and prices. You are a few clicks away to complete your shopping with us.

The Best Place to Buy Office Paintings Online

Add life to your dull or lifeless office walls with framed wall art paintings.

Artlimes takes immense pride in its collection of decor art paintings from some of the popular artists, art galleries and luxury retailers worldwide.

From original art paintings to prints painting, we have curated some of the finest office decor paintings near you. From prehistoric paintings to modern and contemporary work. We got paintings that create a unique and exciting workspace for your business.

Hang stunning wall art paintings outdoors or indoors; you’re sure to make a difference. Buy art paintings for offices, homes or for gifting purposes to your family, friends, colleagues or even big clients.

The new-age creativity invites you. Chat with one of us and we can help you curate inspiring office interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the size of wall art paintings?

We have wall art paintings in different sizes, ranging from small (up to 40 cm) to XL (over 100 cm) and even custom sizes.

What is the price of original art paintings?

Artlimes sources art paintings from original artists, art galleries and luxury retailers from different parts of the world. Buy art paintings online with prices ranging from £500 to more than £10000.

How to identify if the art paintings are original?

Artlimes sources original artworks from verified artists, art galleries and luxury retailers from around the world.

If in doubt, contact us or live chat with one of our agents.

What’s the difference between art paintings and art prints?

Conceptually, art paintings are an original piece of artwork by an artist. Whereas art prints are a reproduction of original artwork.

Some of the common differences between art paintings and art prints:

  • Art paintings are usually made on canvas and one can easily figure out the rough texture of painting brushes. In comparison, print paintings are photographically transferred from original paintings.
  • Art painting canvas can be uneven on the edges, whereas prints are seamless and come with sharp edges.
  • Art paintings may have light identification marks of rough sketching. It is absent in art prints because they are printed.
  • Art paintings have an organic feel to them, whereas art prints are a product of multiple iterations of a printing process.

Where do you deliver art paintings?

Artlimes is a global marketplace with a growing network of delivery providers in most parts of the world. Feel free to buy art paintings sitting anywhere in the world.

What if I do not like the painting?

We are sad to know that our products could not match your expectations. At Artlimes, we want 100% customer satisfaction. Our team will work with you to resolve any issue with the purchase.

Returns and exchanges are handled by the sellers directly and are based on the terms defined in each product. If you are unsure, then visit the product page and look for Return policy. If you cannot find one, then most likely returns aren’t accepted.

Every situation, return or exchange will be handled on an individual basis.

Contact us if you are unsure what to do and we will gladly help you connect with the seller.

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