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Start selling to a global audience

Become a Verified Seller

It's free!

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Are you an artist, gallery, luxury brand retailer, or want to set up your art fair online?

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Enhance your online presence and gain international recognition.

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Accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Artlimes is your global discovery platform

Get all the tools you need to grow your sellings and reach new heights

Complete Autonomy

You will have the freedom to create your portfolio and set your own prices.

You will have access to user-friendly tools for portfolio management.

We will never demand exclusivity.

Advanced Technology
& Automation

Enhanced search discovery through custom algorithms.

Sell in your local currency.

ShowroomHD Visualisation.

Custom return policies.

Credibility & Security

Acquire Artlimes Verified Seller status.

Secure banking.

Automated checkout fraud detection.

Provide Certificates of Authenticity.

Promotions & Marketing

Be featured in our creative inspirations.

Become a featured Curated Artist. Artists who are represented by galleries on Artlimes are also eligible to enter our exclusive list and be promoted through your gallery.

Real-time product analytics.

Sell Editions by Artlimes

Optionally sell high quality limited edition prints of the original artwork listed.

Editions are supplied by Artlimes UK ready-to-hang with custom framing and glass and a branded Certificate of Authenticity.

Copyright remains with the creator.

Expert Support

Continuous support by our team of experts via live chat or email.

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Reach out to a global network of interior designers, architects, collectors and art enthusiasts.

Account Selling Fees

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United Kingdom
Transaction Fee
4% + £2.5
Conversion Fee*
*only if the buyer’s currency is different.

How It Works

Register to begin

Start by creating a new shop and adding your first artwork.

What's in a listing

A listing contains all the information about your artwork, such as artist, date and a High Definition image.

We’re always here to help

From taking photos and uploading the perfect listing, to shipping and handling, our support team is here to help.

Who can sell

Artists, galleries, luxury retailers, art dealers and collectors are all welcome to sell on Artlimes.

Buyers place an order

We'll notify you when a new order is placed. You can reject it or accept and confirm payment.

Who can buy

From anyone with an interest in art, to companies and serious collectors.

Keep your buyers updated

Update the status of your order and the buyer will be notified automatically.

How buyers pay

Buyers on Artlimes pay for their products and shipping costs in their favourite currency using a credit or debit card.

Flexible return policies

Offer custom terms and conditions to handle returns. Artlimes will assist you in the return process. Disputes and fraud are automatically reversed and a fee of £15 is automatically deducted. If you submit evidence against the dispute and it is found in your favour, Artlimes reimburses you for the dispute fee.

Finalise your order

We make the process of shipping and handling an artwork as easy as possible for everyone.

What are my shipping options?

You are free to choose the carrier of your choice for shipping, this way you can control pricing and delivery options. We strongly advise you to choose an option that offers trackable shipment to secure safe delivery and returns. Each product has a separate shipping profile which is set up when uploading a new product for sale. The cost of shipping options are chosen according to destination and sizing of product.

Rates and fees

Listing artworks is completely free. Artlimes takes a flat 7% seller fee on the sale. Transaction costs for processing payments are 4% + £2.5 and finally when a user pays in another currency than your shop's, a 2.5% currency conversion fee is applied.

Plan ahead for packaging

You only have to follow our packaging guidelines to make sure your package is safely handled. We are introducing shipping insurance soon, so your buyers can choose to have their artworks insured.

How you get paid

Payments are automatically processed when you confirm an order. Our scheduled payouts are instant following the delivery of your package and usually take 1-5 business days to reach your bank account.

Banking support for sellers in 41 countries

Your shop can be anywhere in the world, as long as your bank is located in any of the following countries:
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

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