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Buy Interior Design Artworks Online

Discover the finest interior design wall art paintings and decoration pieces from verified artists, galleries and luxury retailers.

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Interior Design Artworks

Add more life to the dull and boring interior design of your home. Our selection of original interior design wall art paintings, wall decoration, decorative objects and furniture pieces awaits shoppers!

Different Styles of Interior Design Artwork

Create a distinct image of your home with original artwork from artists, galleries and collectors worldwide. At Artlimes, we have curated a collection of interior design artwork that works for homes and offices of all types and sizes.

Decorative Objects

Add more beauty and dimension to your home interior decor with decorative objects. It ranges from sculptures to ceramic art and more aesthetically elegant artwork pieces. Install in a corner or hang on the wall or simply from the ceilings.


Make your home a pleasant place to live with exquisite decorative furniture pieces. From traditional to ultra-modern, our collection holds artistic furniture for those who have a distinct taste in designing their home.


Brighten up your space with modern and contemporary lighting products such as floor lights, lamp shades and corner lighting products. Crafted with precision and artistic design, you will be bowled over by the sheer beauty of the home interior design lights.


Make your home look and feel more personal with unique mosaic tiles. Create your dream home interior decor with these colourful and patterned mosaic tiles from original artists only.


Tables are like a centrepiece of any room. How about adding an artistic piece of table? Practical and designed to match the finest taste in home interior design artwork. Our collection includes tables made from premium quality glass and wood.

Wall Decoration

Wall decoration inspired by original artwork only gets better. Create the best interior design wall art for your home or office. Our collection holds original artwork from many renowned artists, galleries and collectors around the world.

Stray away from the norm and dive into the ocean of new-age creativity with Artlimes home interior design artwork. Grab what works for your home or office interiors. We are more than happy to recommend; live chat with one of our representatives.

Design A Dream Home with Original Artwork

We spend maximum time indoors. Create a living space that provides comfort and warmth away from all the chaos in the outside world.

Our home interior design artwork collection has everything homeowners, designers and even architects look for. Redecorate your living room, bedroom or any other part of the home with original art pieces.

Even a small piece of artwork makes a whole lot of difference in the home's interiors. From a small home or lavish residence, Artlimes takes immense pride in showcasing original home interior decor artwork that you won't find elsewhere.

Get it shipped to your doorstep. We have a global shipping network that ensures you do not have to wait for long. Do not believe us? Shop a piece or two from Artlimes and see the magic unfold.

Office Interior Decoration That Inspires Creativity & Performance

Unlock your employees' creative potential without causing a distraction with Artlimes office art paintings for interior decoration and design. From interior design wall art to lounge furniture, decor pieces and lighting, we have everything employers would want in an ideal workplace.

Design a traditional, minimalist, futuristic or home-like office. Our office interior decoration and design artwork are sourced from some of the renowned artists, galleries and collectors in the world.

Unparalleled quality and outstanding prices that you would not find anywhere else. Our professional art curators collaborate with hotel decorators, architects and interior designers to create exciting and unique professional spaces.

Our deep network of artwork suppliers ensures that you never have to compromise on office interior design. Share what's on your mind and we will source unique artwork that exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have for home interior designing?

Artlimes presents a curated collection of artwork for home interior designing such as wall paintings, furniture, mosaic tiles, sculptures, lighting and decoration objects. Browse and shop!

From where do you source the home interior design artwork?

Our artwork is sourced from original artists, galleries and collectors around the world. We stand by the excellent craftsmanship and quality of our products. That also includes limited edition work for your home and office decor.

What’s the cost of home interior design art?

Artlimes provides some of the best deals on original home interior design art in the world. Our home interior design artwork cost starts from as low as £500 to over £10,000. Keep checking the space for online discounts.

What’s the size of the office artwork?

Buy office artwork in different sizes, starting from 40cm to over 100cm. We can also customise an office art piece for you if that’s feasible.

Do you help in home interior design?

Our professional in-house team is happy to assist you, your designers and your architects in designing your ideal home. Our deep and rich network of art suppliers ensures that you never miss out on the latest and popular home interior design artwork pieces. Chat to us!

What if the artwork doesn’t suit my home interior design?

Artlimes requests you to visit the product page and read their return or exchange policy if any. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will raise the issue with the seller.
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