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Cecilia Frigati Art

Berzence, Hungary

Cecilia Frigati only needs a plain piece of empty canvas to set her imagination on fire, everything that is depicted is a unique expression of what lies inside or an instant inspiration through observing the natural scenes and events.

The ever-changing environment and the abundance of colours that surround us, keeps her going like it's always the first time. She moves smoothly along the natural course of time, creating multi-dimensional pieces which balance between the abstract and the traditional landscaping.

This artist will be primarily found lurking where the wind blows through the trees or at every wave crash, bringing you composed particles of existence.
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


Cecilia’s artworks are lively and buoyant with explosions of colours and freedom which mirror the intensity of her own view of the natural sceneries. She is a real creator and inventor always seeking new forms of art and techniques to express her inner self.

Her paintings generate from memories and visions that flow onto her canvas instantly leaving enough freedom for the viewer for their own interpretation.

She specialises in large contemporary atmospheric landscapes and super-sized floral compositions using her unique abstract techniques as well as more organic and intimate abstractions.

Her large scale paintings combined with her unique free-flowing abstract techniques have brought her great recognition and her works have been selling all over the globe to private collectors and for interior design projects.

Born and raised in Italy but upon receiving her degree in Painting from the Bologna’s illustrious Accademia Di Belle Arti Cecilia moved to London,UK and over the years she established herself as a full-time independent artist. Currently lives and works in rural Hungary where she solely focuses on her art practice.

She is a very approachable character and enjoys engaging and working closely with her clients let them be private home owners or interior design specialists.

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