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CercaTrova (in English: search and you will find or seek and you shall find) is a commercial brand dedicated to lovers of antiques and curiosities, it has a highly experienced team in the purchase and sale of antiques, jewels and art.
The CercaTrova brand arises from the union of an experienced group of antiques dealers, auction houses and jewelry wholesalers in Portugal. With the desire to bring authentic treasures to the world, CercaTrova specialized in the online trade, having established partnerships with major international auction houses and antique dealers, as well as the largest platforms, through which, every day, exports antiques, works of art, jewelry and curiosities, to several countries around the world.
Thus, it brings together a varied, high-quality collection of several items spread over 8 major categories and more than 50 sub-categories, which are carefully selected by experts around the country.
2016 • The owner of Cercatrova won the Invention Award I International Invention Fair in Istanbul I Turkey
2016 • The owner of Cercatrova won the “Arca” Prize I Union of Croatian Inventors I 44th Int. Salon of Inventions of Geneva I Switzerland
2016 • The owner of Cercatrova won the Invention Prize I “Russian House for ISTC” I 44th International Salon Inventions of Geneva I Switzerland
2016 • The owner of Cercatrova won the Special Prize APIICIS I Contribution to Innovation in Human Health I 44th Geneva International Inventions Salon I Switzerland
2016 • The owner of Cercatrova was a finalist for the AHRESP National Award - Young Entrepreneur of the Year I Portugal
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