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Dimitra Bouritsa

Dimitra Bouritsa

Athens, Greece

Strawberry giraffes sweet like candy girls walk calmly with their heads in the clouds, leaving no trace behind or secret among us. In this city the sun has open sores to dream of light, spin coins and find heroes, magic-masked African butterflies assume the body of tigers for laughter or disguise and sometimes I find myself alive again, some others I'm dying like everything else around. Here where the moon reflects broken images of people I used to know, frogs transform to something beautiful again and mother nature silver and soft absorbs me back in. But when the time is right, the crab, the candy and deer will tell my ventures to you all.

The contemporary art of Dimitra Bouritsa is an endless storytelling, full of archetypal notions from various cultures, mythical creatures and fairytale images. A retro visual dairy combined with embroidery, oil collages on canvas, acrylics or pastels on paper, all with bright and vivid colours. She tells stories of unexpected events in imaginary places and through the paradox scene she attempts to make a statement about the modern world, its values and morals. One of her favourite topics is the position of women in our society, reflecting on the beauty of motherhood not only for humans but also for animals and nature herself.

This artist is a dream maker, sprinkling fairy dust to our mundane life. Throughout her artworks, she rectifies the ugliness and the unfairness of our fast-moving crazy world. She softly pauses time, only to remind us of our lost innocence and she completely resets the new arena where everything is possible, brighter and happy. The only rule is to play fairly and accept the differences, bend the stereotypical cages and break free. Revolutionise your scenery like thoughts in time and out of season, and for all of that you don't need a reason. Love unconditionally and kiss your frog and let the other guess where the story goes.
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


Strongly influenced by Paula Rego ,her work combines elements of fairy tales, animals and fantastic creatures with common images and established archetypes of the west culture. Through that paradox scene she attemps to make a statement about contemporary society ,its values, and the position of women in it
2022 • Beastly Encounters, Teras Athens, Athens, Greece
2020 - July • Graduates Show 2020, Stoart Korai Athens, Athens, Greece
2020 - June • Asfa degree Show, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
2020 - January • Memoires d'un fou, Phoenix Athens Gallery, Athens, Greece
2019 - December • Xouth Festival, Artens, Athens, Greece
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