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Francisco Santos

Francisco Santos

Porto de Mós, Portugal

Abstracted silhouettes seal their harmonious encounter with an endless kiss, luminous parks stretch beyond common sense to a stripy colourful innuendo of another world, where objects and notions are replaced naturally. Planets like oval eggs are placed right before your eyes, closer than ever to touch, feel and explore.

In the figurative and abstract art of Francisco Santos everything is possible, even the ultimate impossible. He explores contrasts, opposites and unorthodox statements and somehow he brings them all to a total balance. The implementation of unexpected lines, forms and stains are a distinctive characteristic of his work, where the alternation of light and shadow intensifies the hidden beauty of everything.

This artist magnificently alters the definition of freedom as we know it, suggesting that his coloured lines, wide or narrow, vertical or horizontal are far beyond barriers. Canvas after canvas, thoughts progress away from the conventional reality, doubt and stress. And colour after colour the challenge to break free is the only option.
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


I'm a professional artist. I was born in S. Jorge, and now live and work in the small medieval town of Porto de Mos, located in the centre of Portugal. I began my education at the Antonio Arroio school for the decorative arts, and finished it attending an art course (1982/85) at the National Society of Fine Arts.

In the past, my paintings were of, what I like to call, figurative expressionist nature. As time passed, the figurative elements began to dilute. Now, and looking forward, I focus mostly on pure abstraction, lightly touching upon abstraction expressionist.

The paintings of colored lines, wid or narrow, appear as a turning point in my most recent work. Contrasts, calm harmony, balance and tonal beauty characterise these 'lines paintings'. The bright palette ranges from strong, full colours tones, to soft watercolour values and finds its peak with an almost "black and white" intensity, applied in parallel on the canvas.

Solo exhibitions:

2018 - Painting, Art Gallery, Leiria / 2017 - Painting, Art gallery, Pombal / ... 1985 - Painting, Art Gallery, Batalha / 1983 - Painting, Art Gallery, Lisboa / 1982 - Drawing, Art Gallery, Lisboa.

Private collections: Municipal Councils: Leiria, Porto de Mós, Batalha, Vila do Conde, Coimbra, Tomar, Torres Novas, Peniche and other cities and towns in Portugal.

art collectors: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, United States, Canada.
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