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IvanaK art & design

IvanaK art & design

Praha, Czechia


We appreciate the artisan skills
Jewellery of different kinds and materials had been used from the dawn of first people, even before mankind started to use cloth. The methods of manufacturing gold and silver were better elaborated, and even the first civilizations managed the craft on a high level. Recently, the gold craftsmanship is rather rare, then common. Jewellery is mostly machine-made or3D printed or combined machine and craft. Handmade jewellery requires highly skilled labour to manually control tools. it's a symbiosis of goldsmith, gem-cutter, and stone setter. Our jewellery is 100% real handmade and to make such a piece takes some time, but the waiting is rewarded by an inner happiness and joyful feeling.
How did it all start? A few years ago, I was looking for a ring to buy, but did not find any which would meet my expectations. I like simple Italian design, but the prices were to high, so I decided to draw my ideas and looked for the right people, able to manufacture. It took some time until finalization all my designs into the eshop, but it's finally done, thanks to the fine artisans, I am collaborating with.
I wish you joy and love! Ivana, designer
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