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Jonathan-Pradillon, Artist, France | Artlimes
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Chennevières-sur-Marne, France

Late night acrylic cities on canvas, energetic patterns pulsing in endless spiraling movement towards God or Chaos, vibrant shapes mechanically trembling against the wind and geometric variations are continuously multiplied like there is no beginning or an end to anything, leaving the soul amidst all the odds searching for answers.

The contemporary art of Jonathan Pradillon is an endless chase for life, his abstract compositions convey in most cases philosophical messages about the wonders of this world and beyond. His paintings are usually created by using acrylics, brushes and knives, but when sculpting he prefers contrasting elements, such wood and metal to accentuate the apposite dynamics of nature.

This artist is an exceptional fractal image maker, his ongoing feedback loop of repeating patterns symbolises the complexity of life. However at the same time, it mirrors the soil erosion of mother earth itself, the deterioration and rebirth of our universe. And perhaps it stands as a mere promise that even when we go, we can still manage to go on forever...
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


After having completed 4 years of alternating study in computer graphics and art and craft, having thought carefully about his future Jonathan Pradillon preferred, rather than turning to computer graphics, turn to the world of manual art and more precisely towards painting and sculpture.
Passionate since his early childhood by the mixture and the play of colors, forms and art in general, it is now since the year 2012 that he devotes himself totally to the realization of his works, and declared professionally since early 2015.
2020 - January • Light Sculpture, Solea, Chennevières-sur-Marne, France
2015 - November • Expression de l'art, Au rendez-vous des Amis, La-Varenne St-Hilaire / St-Maur-des-Faussés, France
2015 - January • Expression de l'art, Le Showroom, La-Varenne St-Hilaire / St-Maur-des-Faussés, France
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