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Paul Kingsley Squire

Paul Kingsley Squire

London, United Kingdom
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Paul Kingsley Squire has created a diverse portfolio of contemporary artwork through oil painting, intricate drawings and works created with a digital pen & tablet.

He is fascinated by themes of metamorphosis and transformation, working in series to create a range of different works: from digital on plexiglass to pencil on paper to oil on canvas.

Across each medium, his artistic style retains a consistent ethereal quality, and boasts polish and thoughtfulness that allows ideas of psychology, nature and consciousness to be pondered by each viewer.

In recent years he has been focusing on oil painting in his North London studio, through a series of otherworldly abstracted landscapes, abstracted figurative works, and surreal figurative paintings.

"I am expressing an inner state of being, a yearning for other worlds and realities, driven by an exploratory drive.

It is through this innate curiosity that I have developed several methods and techniques for creating artwork in highly individualistic styles.

Themes that intrigue and fascinate me, include metamorphosis, transformation, esotericism and mythology, and how these subjects are relevant to contemporary life.

I am fascinated by the medium of oil paint and create works through distinct series of otherworldly abstracted landscapes, abstracted figurative works, and surreal figurative paintings.

My work is full of symbolism and I prefer the viewer to be drawn into deciphering the imagery, coming to their own conclusions."
2022 • Muse, Candid Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2021 • Transformations solo exhibition, Chrom Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2020 • Talented Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London, United Kingdom
2019 • Skull Art, Nude Tin Can, St Albans, United Kingdom
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