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It's almost impossible to envision a world without men or even the absence of male dominance in the society, however the art of Rosso Emerald Crimson is far from being stereotypical. Every canvas is a place where women rule, marriage doesn't exist and everything follows the maternal bloodline.

Scattered childhood memories, self-portraiture reflections, various metaphors and a subtle irony that breaks all taboos of sexuality and beauty as we know it. She uses mainly oils, mixed media and occasionally collage to create her engaging content.

This artist stimulates all classic aspects of reality and reverses ultimately our perception of freedom.
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


Rosso uses portraiture and self-portraiture to explore herself and the world around. By use of metaphors and subtle irony, the artist unveils the strenght and vulnerability of the human condition. Her work is populated by predominantly female characters with a strong sense of physicality who interact with the viewers at various levels of the subconscious. Although not explicitily, racial injustice, gender inequality and environmental issues are often catalysts of the artist's work.

Deeply inspired by classicism and painting mainly in oils, Rosso adopts a version of realism that combines abstract expressionism, mixed media and occasionally collage to create aesthetically engaging content.


Rosso is an award-winning portrait artist who brings intimacy and character to her colourful paintings. Italian born, Rosso lives and works in London since 2004. She graduated in Political Science in Italy then obtained an MA in International Communications and Human Rights at City University in London (UK). She worked in marketing and advertising before changing her career direction to the visual arts.
Rosso is primarily a self-taught artist. Her artistic accolades include winning the “Jackson Open Painting Prize 2019 (JOPP2019)” for the Portrait/Figure category; the “The Harbour Gallery Award” and “The Artist's Exhibition Award” (TALP Open 2019); “The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2017” and the “Emerald Winter Pride Art Award” in 2016.
She was twice selected to participate in “Sky Portrait Artist of The Year”, in SEASON7 aired in 2020 and in 2019. She has exhibited across London in venues including the Mall Galleries and with ZebraOne gallery. Her work has been featured in various national and international magazines (i.e. Colossal, Artists&Illustrator; The Artist’s Magazine, Artist&Illustrator), and her painting, ‘Young Climate Rebel’ was the front cover image for the September 2019 issue of Arena Magazine (Australia).
2021 • Shortlisted for “The Viking Cruise Art Prize 2021” (A&I magazine)
2020 • Contestant in “Sky Portrait Artist of The Year 2020 - SEASON7”, Sky Arts
2019 • “Jackson Open Painting Prize 2019” (JOPP2019) / Portrait/Figure category
2019 • “The Harbour Gallery Award”, TALP OPEN 2019
2019 • “The Artist's Exhibition Award”, TALP OPEN 2019
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