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Stanislav Sidorov Fine Art

Stanislav Sidorov Fine Art

Aurora, United States
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While I am capable of working with multiple subjects and in numerous genres, my favorite motive which rescues in most of my work is small town’s secluded, serene streets. Their nostalgic architecture is saturated with the past-the lives of previous generations and their culture. Over the years, have deviated from my classical training towards a decorative style with bright expressive brushwork and color palette; the new style allows me to create dramatic and unique art, with rich textures, which I create by utilizing a pallet knife instead of brushes.
I was lucky to have been born into a family of artists, who natured and encouraged my artistic inclinations. My art education began early in my childhood, in the Creative school for gifted children. After four years in college. I was accepted to the Art University of Fine Art and graduated with MFA. My family and I relocated to Colorado USA in 1997. Since then, my wife and I dedicated our lives to creating art and searching for new and unexplored artistic venues. I have been contracted to work with different galleries throughout the United States. In addition, my art exhibited in various national art shows, exhibitions,s and shows, exhibitions,s, and festivals. My work has been purchased for private and public collections throughout the world. United States, Europe, Canada, Australia China, and Japan

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