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Stephen Prior Art

Stephen Prior Art

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Stephen Prior is an Australian Geometric Artist based in Seoul and Amsterdam.

His work features in private collections in Hong Kong, Australia and Seoul.

I find immense harmony and connectivity in deconstruction, and I'm fascinated by the contradiction it presents: of being simultaneously separated and connected.
I select everyday objects representing life, work and love, and transform them into stylized 3D graphic icons. I then carefully deconstruct the icons, giving the elements room to breathe and emphasizing their individuality and uniqueness.
By delicately reconnecting the components with fine lines, the collective form is brought back to life, while maintaining the individuality of the elements which make it whole. In this way, it becomes a unique story in which every part is a protagonist, playing an essential role.
Everything is Connected.
2020 - January • Deconstructed, Brown Canvas Gallery, Ilsan, South Korea
2019 - November • Out of the Box, Sinchon Cultural Salon, Seoul, South Korea
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