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Sylvia Baldeva, Artist, France | Artlimes
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Sylvia Baldeva

Paris, France


Sylvia Baldeva’s artistic path has a multidisciplinary approach.
It has been always connected to Art and its various forms of expression.
She was born in Bulgaria in an artistic environment, thanks to her father, a fine artist. This gave her a great influence and inspiration.

She also prepared the Art Academy preparation courses.

In France, she got her Bachelor’s degree in Fine and Contemporary Arts at the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Then she studied and used to work in the Graphic, Fashion and Decoration design.
Along that activities she has been regularly commissioned as a Freelance Illustrator by Advertising Agencies, Publishing houses, Photographers and Companies.
She is still practicing this activity along with her personal work as a Fine Artist which creativity is guided by freedom of expression.
2022 • Midnight in Paris, Galerie "L'Entrée des Artistes", Paris, France
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