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Love  Is Blue

Love Is Blue, 2017

Alberto Fusco

Sculpted recycled magazines

  Original Item, 77 x 77 x 12 cm

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United Kingdom

About Alberto Fusco


B.A HONOURS FINE ART (Roehampton University)

PGCE /PCE (LLS:DTLLS) (Greenwich University)

FOUNDATION IN FINE ART (Kensington & Chelsea College)



Alberto Fusco is a London-based Italian artist, internationally sold and exhibited. Born in Naples (Italy), Fusco has been creative since a young age, leading him to study art and become the assistant of prominent contemporary Neapolitan artists. To further pursue his passion for figurative art, in particular sculpture, in 1994 Fusco decided to move to London to expand his artistic study and practice, earning a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Roehampton University with a specialization in the art of mosaics.

At present, Fusco’s practice revolves around giving life to artworks by utilizing recycled paper magazines that would otherwise be discarded and thrown away. This practice is particularly relevant in a society that is only now coming to terms with sustainability of the planet for future generations. His artworks are created by meticulously folding and manipulating recycled magazine papers, transforming them into textural geometrical forms, which ultimately develop into sculptural pieces of their own right.


December 2019 Art For Youth Mall Gallery London

December 2018 Art For Youth Mall Gallery London

March 2018 Eclectic Collections Ackerman Studios & Tag Fine Arts Gallery

September 2017 Where Art Meets Design This Autumn Tag Fine Arts Gallery

January 2017 Finders Keepers Group Exhibition Will’s Art Gallery

December 2016 Gallery artist exhibition Mark Jason Gallery

September 2016 Tribe16 Group Exhibition

December 2015 Exhibit Here’s Art Maze Group Exhibition

September 2015 Art Gemini Prize ,Group Exhibition

June 2014 Clapham Art Prize Group Exhibition

February 2014 Spring Exhibition. Medici Gallery Cork Street

December 2013 Winter Exhibition. Medici Gallery Cork street

August 2013 Open Exhibition Cork Street Gallery

March 2013 ART SPACE The Office Group. Group Exhibition

December 2012 Beyond the Image. Espacio Gallery Group Exhibition

May 2012 Rock Paper Scissors Store Street Gallery Group Exhibition

February 2012 Love is. The London pop up Gallery. Group Exhibition


Art Space Prize 2012 The Office Group One year ‘Every Room’ full membership.


October 2018 AAF Battersea

May 2019 AAF Hong Kong

March 2019 AAF New York

November 2018 AAF Singapore

October 2018 AAF Battersea

May 2018 AAF Hong Kong

March 2018 AAF New York

November 207 AAF Singapore

October 2017 AAF Battersea

October 2017 AAF Stockholm

June 2017 AAF Hampstead

May 2017 AAF Hong Kong

March 2017 AAF New York

February 2017 AAF Brussels

July 2016 Urban Art Fair, London

March 2016 AAF Battersea

September 2015 Brighton Art Fair

July 2015 Urban Art Fair, London

March 2015 AAF Battersea

September 2014 Buy Art Fair Manchester

July 2014 Urban Art Fair, London

March 2014 AAF Battersea

October 2013 The Other Art Fair

September 2013 Buy Art Fair Manchester

October 2013 AAF Stockholm Art Fair

July 2013 Urban Art Fair, London

April 2013 The Other Art Fair

November 2012 AAF Hampstead

November 2012 The Other Art Fair

July 2012 Urban Art Fair

May 2012 The Other Art Fair
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