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Long Black and Wavy, 2018


Mixed media on a paper

  Original Artwork, 21 x 29.7 cm

  Unique Edition, 1 of 1

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Constantine the ArtistOffered by
Constantine the Artist
United Kingdom
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Fishermen on land missing the sea, awaiting their next set sail and always proud of their fat moustache, cowboys up and ready for their next horse ride into the desert and always proud of their hat, rockabilly wild boys on motorcycles in tune with universe and always proud of their sideburns. Weary faces emerging in ghostly mode from late night tavernas, wicked women aimlessly playing with picking and choosing, after all the game is in their hands for now. Until tables are turned and the weakest link takes them all down, becomes a hero, becomes Batman and the story begins.

The contemporary art of Constantine is about facial expressions and prominent features. Noses, eyes, moustaches and all other characteristics seem to be unusually big and out of proportion, as if they want to catch your attention. And in fact they do, cause once you set eyes on them you are already engaged to listen to their tales. Inevitably, their bright and vibrant colours aesthetically remind you of all the classic American comic book superheroes you grew up with, but in this case these heroes are more real, reflections of you and simple breadwinners.

This artist paints in a comic style the reality of life. He intentionally magnifies people, traits and situations in a humorous way, with the intention to bring them closer to you. He magnificently turns a serious plot into a story of comedy, highlighting this way the vanity of this world. He unearths everyday heroes, people you pass by in a haste, neighbours you never had the time to notice, colleagues that you haven't exchanged more than a standard "hello", or perhaps your own stroppy and lonely self that you hide so well.
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Kelly KaimakiCurated by
Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

About Constantine..

My name is Constantine and I am a self-taught artist, with a special interest in the human psyche, and how does it become obvious physically, through facial expressions, posture and human physiology generally. I, therefore focus on telling stories, through my portraits, about every day "heroes". Stories about people who are trying to live freely and would face any kind of consequences, simply standing by their beliefs.
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