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PopArt 1974, 1974

Geert Lemmers Fine Photo Art and paintings

Archival inkjet print on B&W paper, colored and mounted on carton
Original Photography, 40 x 40 cm

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Geert Lemmers Fine Art Photography and PaintingsOffered by
Geert Lemmers Fine Art Photography and Paintings

About the Product

Geert's monochrome work from the sixties to seventies is characterized on the one hand, of course, by the then analogue character. The films are digitally scanned and re-machined.

The images give a special time picture and are characterized by the [back then] artistic display as a preparation for his later work for magazines and fashion photography. In Nijmegen, there was a pop-music festival, where I photographed this. Small but special culture.
These works have never actually been seen, except for a very small area of the artist.

About Geert Lemmers Fine Photo Art and paintings

PhotoArt and New Media: You want a print on dibond or acrylic glass? I can offer you a very attractive price. I will pay for the freight costs. Ask for the possibilities. My paintings always are framed and made on wooden panel or canvas and here too I can give a significant discount on the price..

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Born in the Netherlands, Geert Lemmers studied photography and photographic Art and worked as a freelancer before focusing on his artistic career in 2008, winning the same year the professional art-prize in his region.

Composing artworks is for him almost a philosophical question. Transfering his thoughts into some kind of metaphoric representations help him to express them through strong and compassing images.

Geert is “Visual Art Master” of the Accademia Italia Nel Mondo Assocazzione Culturale in Lecce Italie

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