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Change Variation 04, 2018

Eva Davis

Acrylic and ink on paper

  Original Artwork, 60 x 50 cm

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Signed by Artist
 Certificate of Authenticity
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About Eva Davis

Eva Davis’s creation process is based on a dialogue, a combination of destruction and creation. Acrylic paint is her favorite medium. It allows for very impulsive painting because it dries very quickly. This feature of acrylic paint reflects my temperament. I act impulsively, I do not want to wait too long between adding more elements on the canvas. She apply many layers of paint, adding and never removing elements. Eva works directly on canvas on several layers, which gives a more sensitive and delicate effect. This allows her to achieve balance – create on the border of consciousness and subconsciousness. She reacts and paints without planning, with more impetuous than controlled decisions.
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