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Strolling Hounds, 2014

Tim Southall

etching & aquatint on copper plate printed on a heavyweight hand made paper from St Cubert's Mill, Somerset

  Original Print, 20 x 15 cm

  Limited Edition of 75

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Signed by Artist
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About Tim Southall

Tim Southall is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and L’école des Beaux Arts, Paris. He is a figurative printmaker and painter who for many years has lived in the countryside of Cadiz Province in southern Spain, where he makes most of his work. Tim’s work covers a broad spectrum from fluid, evocative landscapes to narrative pieces very much in the printmaking tradition, as seen in the etching ‘A Tale of London’.

Living three miles from the Atlantic coast fuels the content of his work. It is in the landscape that he make drawings before going into the studio to make finished pieces of

work which are a distillation of ideas rather than directly representational pieces. It is through the landscape that he conveys a sense of something universal and at the same time personal, whether it be a narrative piece or an evocation of place or a fleeting moment.

Tim has pursued an active exhibition program for almost 40 years. Recent key exhibition include RA Summer Exhibition 2011/13/18, National Original Print Exhibition 2015/16/17/18, Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2017/2018/19, The Discerning Eye, Various Masters of Printmaking exhibitions and open exhibitions around the world
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