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Sculpture is one of the most revered visual fine arts forms. Having endured the longest of human existence, from prehistoric to contemporary sculpture decor art, we have come a long way.

At Artlimes, discover an exclusive range of traditional and modern sculpture artwork from certified artists and vetted galleries. A global marketplace for art enthusiasts and collectors, visit the website and buy sculptures online. We got good deals for art buyers and sellers alike.

Types of Sculpture Artwork

Sculpture artwork has evolved over the centuries. From prehistoric sculptures that resemble stone carvings and figurines to modern-day sculptures for wall and home decor.

All thanks to the advances made in sculpture tools, equipment, and digital art technologies. Artlimes recognizes and promotes sculpting art like no one else. Find out the different types of art sculptures and statues:


Bronze is one of the most popular cast sculptures. Robust and long-lasting materials than traditional stones, bronze sculpture artwork was widespread in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.


Ceramic art dates back to prehistoric times. Widely seen in the Indus Valley Civilization and ancient China, ceramic sculpture art is still prevalent in home decoration and making household items such as kitchen utensils.


Installation artwork is a unique three-dimensional sculpture genre that reflects the artist's imagination. Made using either a mix of wood, metal, ceramic or unidentified materials. It usually occupies a prominent room space and draws spectators to look at it from different angles.

Light Art

Kinetic sculptors are a perfect example of how light is used to fascinate the spectators. It was widely seen in the 1960s and then widely reflected in the classical Greek and Roman sculptures of the human body.


Mosaic sculptures are formed using finer pieces of glass, stone, and other materials. The late 5th century BCE witnessed the earliest mosaics in the Ancient Roman world. Mosaics were widely used for home decoration such as floor and wall decoration.


Nude sculptures have a naked human body modeled in an artistic context. It made its appearance in Ancient Greek art, the Middle Ages, and dominated the Renaissance.

Precious Metals

Metal sculptures are formed by pouring and moulding more than one metal( mostly copper and tin ). Many excavated art objects had gold-sculpted idols and artifacts. Other metals used are silver, aluminium, brass, lead, steel, and iron.


Sculpting using textile fabrics is one of the most impressive fine arts. Some of the popular textile sculptures have human faces, recreations of animals ( insects and birds ), tree stumps, and other creative reproductions.


Tribal art represents the culture and lifestyle of indigenous communities including their people, animals, religion, and art. The tribal art collection has references to African art, Art of the Americas, and Oceanic art.

Wall Art

Wall art sculptures have been in existence for ages. Stone engravings on temple and tomb walls are one of the earliest examples of wall art sculptures, especially by the Egyptians.


Wood sculptures for home decor are formed by carving using hand tools and other electric machines. From small objects to life-size figures, wood is commonly used by local artists.

If artwork interests you, Artlimes is the best place to buy sculptures online. We got a wide delivery network that connects us to art lovers all over the world.

Decorate Home with Sculpture Art

Sculptures are elegant and eclectic pieces for decorating homes and businesses. Artlimes provides wall art sculpture for living room and home decor.

From different shapes to sizes, colours to prices, find sculptures that fit your interior decor and budget. We have original art paintings and sculptures that set you apart from others.

Consider gifting sculptures or widening your art collection. We got plenty of valuable sculpture art that interests art lovers and property owners alike. Do not think, rethink, and secure home delivery of art sculptures online to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang metallic wall sculptures?

Metallic wall sculptures are stunning but they are heavier than a normal painting or canvas. Arrange for the right wall fittings and tools to securely mount on the wall without causing any damage.

What's the life of wall art sculptures?

Wall art sculptures are made using highly durable materials such as metal and stone. They can survive years of wear and tear than regular wall canvas or paintings.

What’s the material of art sculptures?

Art sculptures are made of different materials such as stone, ceramic clay, textile, metals, bronze, brass, wood, and stainless steel.

Who made the sculptures?

Our art sculptures are made by renowned artists from around the world. Many of the sculptures are sourced from reputable galleries and collectors.

Is it expensive to buy sculptures online?

Let’s be realistic. Original sculptures can be relatively more expensive than paintings and canvases. They are a rare piece of art and imagination.

At Artlimes, you can buy sculptures online from as less as under $500 to more than £10,000. Select a sculpture that fits your needs and budget. We stand by the true value of our art pieces.

Where do you ship?

Artlimes delivers in most parts of the world. Currently, we are accepting orders from nearly 200 countries. Do let us know if you are facing any issues with home delivery. We will try to deliver to the closest shipping address.
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