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Ilias Matthaiopoulos, Artist, Greece | Buy Interior Design | Artlimes
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Ilias Matthaiopoulos

Ilias Matthaiopoulos

Tripoli, Greece

Moments of inner freedom when the mind is opened to perceive the untold beauty of all around us, the multi-layered art of Ilias Matthaiopoulos is very much connected to a high level of spiritualism and tells a fresh story every time.

From a single flower to a forest, from a child's detailed portrait to abstract figures, from a lonely mannequin to an interactive game of chess, from a plain wooded cross to his famous stamp of "Runners" during the 2004 Olympics in Greece, all his contemporary work feels as if it is touched by something divine. Oil on canvas, acrylics, collages and metal constructions are only few of the mediums he uses to create his one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

This artist is a mystic narrator of truths and apprehensions beyond the common intellect and at the same time he transforms into a realistic activist fighting for political and social change.
Curated by Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator


The work of Ilias Matthaiopoulos is fatally intertwined with the incredible power of his colour palette. With the quality of light, shades, matching colours and alternations, dictates behaviour. People are tested and tested! Landscapes rich in decorative elements, but delivered in a "fertile" silence, figures immersed in their thoughts, capturing moments and memories, as well as symmetrical lines ubiquitous, make his works unique visual arts of narrative abstraction. He is a hypersensitive and fragile "activist"!
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