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Butterfly Blossom

Anne Storno

Hand made screenprinting waterbased inks on 300gsm Fabriano paper

  Original Print, 50 x 70 cm

  Limited Edition of 17

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Anne Storno
United Kingdom
Anne Storno has 2 Shows.

About Anne Storno

I am a printmaker and mixed media artist based in London. I rely on photography, drawing, paint, and collage to explore the world around me. In my artworks, images are combined, removed from their original narrative context and reconfigured into a new scenario. Some of my works are based on collages, transformed into a handmade screenprint. I appreciate the messiness of sticky glue, soggy paper and the unpredictable nature of the final product. I am interested in working on the boundaries between collage and technology. My visual language embraces the brightness of Pop art. I like the screen printing media because it is no longer confined to a simple impression on paper, it offers artists a way to experiment and fail, to test colour relationships and play with ideas. Often appropriating visual themes and incorporating these as printed motifs, I adopt a playful approach in my practice. Inspiration is found in my surroundings: colours, lines, shapes, and patterns that can be found in cities, design and fashion and try to find humour in day to day life. I am inspired also by pets and their special place in our family life.

- The Strand gallery, 20 - 24th June 2017
- The Latest Edition, Linden Hall Studio, 9 - 30th July 2107
- North and South Gallery, Highgate, June 2017
- Affordable Art Fair Hampstead - May 2017
- Lasting Impressions: a selection of works from the Printmakers Council archive, Scarborough Art Gallery, 25th March - 18th june
- Selected in the Scaraborough Art Gallery and Museum Archive
- Loosely Bound, the Printroom, December 2016 – January 2017
- North and South Gallery, Highgate, Contemporarti, December 2016
- Belsize Village, December 2016
- Loosely Bound, Highgate gallery, December 2016
- LLS, Hampstead, October – November 2016
- In two part, Lombard Street Gallery, Margate, August 2016
- Mixed Media exhibition, A&D Gallery, London, June 2016
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