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A Bizarre Meeting (At The Evening's Crossroad), 2016

Carlo Salomoni

Acrylics and color pencils on artistic paper, applied on MDF board

  Original Painting, 43 x 32 x 2 cm

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Carlo Salomoni

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I offer every customer a 14 day no risk money back guarantee on your order (excluding shipping charges).

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From a land far far away coloured dreams emerged only to replace cruel and mundane reality, fantastic and mythical creatures set the scene of an eternal escape to other worlds. An open door to the moon leads to a life without borders, where the metaphysical half-bird half-human storyteller awakes your inner soul and opens your eyes to untold universal truths. The deeper you get, everything will be a bit clearer, unmasked and liberating as freedom itself.

In the surreal and figurative art of Carlo Salomoni, daydreaming is a permanent state of being. His paintings and illustrations become the arena where reality dissolves into fantasy and vice versa. He loves to create cycles of different works, using various mediums like oil, mixed media, acrylics on canvas, wood, paper, coloured pencils, inks and terracotta.

This artist is an archetypal wizard of dreamscaping, creating the gravitational field of your hidden desires. Every piece of his art is a mirror reflection of psyche and far beyond, where a different set of dynamic laws are applied. Matter can be easily manipulated by thought, gravity has no solid ground as you know it and time seems somehow irrelevant. This elusive experience can only take you moment-by-moment a step further from your wakeful life, like no other.
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Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

About Carlo Salomoni

I love dreaming in daylight. Giving life to the surrealism that brings a smile to your face that - just like medicine- helps us forget the bad in the world. I produce oil paintings, mixed media and acrylics on canvas, wood, paper, terracotta, as well as china drawings, inks, coloured pencils and graphite on paper. My paintings originate from the metaphysical realm, surrealism, fantasy art, magic realism. My paintings and illustrations evoke a world of dreams and locations in which reality and fantasy melt together.

I love to create cycles of different works to guarantee the originality of each piece.

I was born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1956. I graduated from the medical faculty with a degree in general surgery. However, in 1991 I decided to leave the medical activity and become a professional artist. I'm self-taught in painting. I have exhibited in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA. For some years now, I present myself to the public as an independent artist. My paintings are in private collections in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

My wife Angela Teresa Lopez, author of short stories, poems, and novels, is often the inspiration behind my creativity.
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