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Khan Invasion of Japan, 2002


Oil on canvas

  Original Painting, 197 x 118 x 3 cm

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New Zealand

About Dorjgotv.O

1998 Graduated Mongolian Mongolian Graduate School of Fine Arts Production

2002 Graduated from Mongolian Institute of Fine Arts

2003 Joined the Mongolian Artists Association

2006 Master of Art Studies, Faculty of Art Studies, National University of Mongolia

Since 2008, he has been a researcher at the Mongolian Art Gallery.

Independent Exhibitions

2002 "Auruag" Exhibition for the 840th Birthday of Chingis Khan, Zanabazar Fine Art Museum, Ulaanbaatar

2004 "Blue Wind" Individual Exhibition, Yin Art Club, Beijing, China

2007 "Party blue wind-2" independent exhibition, Xanadu Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar Exhibition

2001-2003 "Spring" exhibition, Museo's Exhibition Hall, Ulaanbaatar

2001 "People's Art Exhibition" Germany, Embassy of the People's Republic of Germany, Ulaanbaatar

2002 "The New Wind" The Joint Venture of the Fine Arts Institute of Mongolia, the MUST's Exhibition Hall, Ulaanbaatar 2002 "Exhibition of Mongolian Artists" Gallery Primus Vera, Helsinging, Finland

2002 "Exhibition of Fine Arts Debuts" Gallery of Mongolian Art Gallery Gallery, Ulaanbaatar 2002 "Great Mongolia" 840 of Chinggis Khan's birth, Exhibition for the 81th anniversary of the People's Revolution, Exhibition Hall of the MUST, Ulaanbaatar

2003 "Red House" Exhibition of the Mongolian Arts Council, Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Zanabazar, Ulaanbaatar

2003 "Mongolian Painters' Exhibition" Gallery Primus Vera, Helsinging, Finland

2004 "Naadam" Exhibition for the 84th Anniversary of the People's Revolution, Museo's Exhibition Hall, Ulaanbaatar

2004 "The 19th IAAC" (Exhibition of Asian Artists) Fukuoka, Japan

2005 "Artemmer" International Exhibitionist, Elmakiqi, Finland

2005 "Asian Artist Fair" New York, USA

2006 "The National Museum of Modern History", the National Museum of Fine Arts for the 800th anniversary of the establishment of the Great Mongol Empire, the Museo's Exhibition Hall, Ulaanbaatar,

2008 "Autumn" exhibition, Museo's Exhibition Hall, Ulaanbaatar

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