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Bracelet Silver 950, RgPt, Diamonds. Round Brilliant Cut. Brown, 0.005ct x 7d,Naylon Bracelet Brown, "LOVE"

  Original Jewellery, 1 x 1 x 1 cm

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LOVE" collection in Silver Rhodium Plated is not returnable

GALLERY DIAMOND London has 4 Awards.


GD is specialized in Diamonds, Design and Creation of High End and Exclusive Fine Jewellery. Founded by Angelika Mavridou, Gemologist & Diamond Grader (FGA – FGG), GD established a brand name serving thousands of customers.

The diamonds of GALLERY DIAMOND have won the impressions as it is well known, they meet the high-quality requirements, regarding their 4cs.

GD Diamond Report is assuring your purchase, while in case their size is equal over 0.20ct, GD Diamonds are also accomplished by the international Diamond reports, G.I.A., H.R.D., I.G.I.

The jewellery of GALLERY DIAMOND is elaborated by the best master craftsmen in the jewellery field, and meets the same strict requirements, as those of its diamonds. GD is having as an ulterior purpose its best adaptation to the modern market standards providing high-end master-crafted luxury fine jewellery.

GALLERY DIAMOND has exclusive cooperation with the best diamond manufacturers, and diamond brokers in the field all over the world.

The distinctive element of the company consists in its characteristic flexibility, due to the vertical structure of the company.

GALLERY DIAMOND provides solutions to its customers, in everything as far as diamonds are concerned, from the selection of the appropriate precious stone, according to the customer's desire, to the selection of the jewellery's design and its realization (Tailor Made / Bespoke Jewellery).

GD Diamonds originate from Official Sources, in accordance with the Kimberly Law & the official United Nations Resolutions.

GALLERY DIAMOND makes your dream come true!
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