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Strong, 2020

Jean-Luc Lacroix

Acrylics on canvas

  Original Painting, 46 x 61 x 2 cm

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Jean-Luc LacroixOffered by
Jean-Luc Lacroix

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Jean-Luc Lacroix has 2 Awards and 3 Shows.

About Jean-Luc Lacroix

Contemporary and contemplative creator, Jean-Luc Lacroix shows his talents in many fields such as sculpture, drawing or painting, furniture design in Recovery art, as emerging artist in many websites as well to be listed in Akoun and Art Price guides.

"If Jean-Luc Lacroix makes a big noise by wielding shears and forge, he invests painting to shape the colours in the manner of his inner world. His paintings expose the eye of the observer to a primitive system where the clarity of the beings opposed the immutability of a rebellious nature. And always, his evanescent women or illusory notables that materialize themselves in a white aura. They symbolize the virginal purity of a wandering soul in an inhospitable environment. Never, the expression on their faces will be unveiled. Only the posture of their long slender silhouette hints the nature of their emotions. (…)” (Louise Cazals, writer - ‘L’Âme de travers’)

Through painting, he has developed a keen sense of colors and matters with a special passion for abstraction — “a thrilling path towards inner cleansing”, he said.

The artist shows his artworks in several galleries in France like “Atelier de Gregoire” at Puteaux 92, near Paris; “Maison Dauphine Gallery” in Aix-en-Provence & “Singulier & Pluriel” in Marseilles, and is sold by French renown art dealers.
He also is presented through auctions at Hotel Drouot in Paris (‘Creations Contemporaines’), with Tessier, Sarrou & Associés Study.
The Artist is a member of the Taylor Foundation. Copyright of his work is managed by ADAGP.

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