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Licorice, 2018

Layla Oz

Ink over vintage book page, signed on the back

  Original Artwork, 14 x 22 cm

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Signed by Artist
 Certificate of Authenticity
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Layla OzOffered by
Layla Oz
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Amélie, Perla, Marta, Marianne or whatever her name, the eternal female beauty will always remind you of mother earth's perfume, like a living light untouched by time. Her body is a flower of fire over the meeting of dusk and sunrise, whilst her eyes, two piercing arrows that claim to stay in your memory forever. Under her skin the moon is alive, brighter in every move but burning inside. Friendly and welcoming, wild and distant, calm but volatile, pure alabaster but so fragile that it hurts. The female nature is elusive, no poet or painter has ever traced totally all her beauty, nor secrets or existence.

Layla Oz adores exactly just that, the female endlessness and the unlimited inspiration they bring. This independent artist loves to paint feminine figures and female portraits. Blondes or brunettes, on canvas or prints, vintage or modern, all his illustrations are a manifestation of beauty. He often chooses to paint his artworks on newspaper pages, creating a unique imprint on art society.

This artist is the pure definition of an artistic personality, who doesn't mind losing parts of himself into the assumed persona of 'Layla Oz', a pen name which allows him to explore the artistic world from a feminine point of view. Through his art he has found ways to enter the center of her universe, to cross the labyrinth of her mind and embrace her lonely mere existence.
Layla Oz has 2 Awards.
Kelly KaimakiCurated by
Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

About Layla Oz

Pen Name, independent artist, a man exploring artistic world from a feminine point of view.

I graduated from the Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration (ISCR) at the end of the twentieth century, yes, I am already a piece of history.

I am inspired by pop art and the world of comics, I like artistic manual skills but I do not disdain not even new technologies.
I love to draw and paint feminine figures and female portraits, children as well, I don't like to portray men, men are so ugly!
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