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Fall or Fly?, 2018

Lumina WANG

Oil on canvas

  Original Painting, 40 x 15 x 1 cm

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Lumina WANG

About Lumina WANG

Lumina Wang, based in Paris, an artist painter and actress from Taiwan. Fascinated by the dramatic arts and the mythology, her universe of painting is redrawn by symbolic signs and intrigue of dramatic art. There is especially a playful ambiguity in her paintings: she chose the language of children to represent complex and psychological subjects, as the family secrets, the nostalgia of childhood, the hidden or assumed femininity, the relational interaction, the passion and all the forms of love and sexuality. Rich in metaphors and sensuality, every painting of Lumina Wang represents a story or a new created myth.

In a freed and intuitive way, she paints by following her subconscious and her bestiality, even though, from certain moment, she could start to analyze her aesthetics choices, as the nature of the colors used or the represented characters, until connect all these immersed elements and finally describe a concrete story. The act to paint being for Lumina Wang as a psychoanalytical process, very often, a moment of trance accompanies a grand susceptibility, and it is often inspired by the life hidden from the others, or her personal story.

Her paintings are represented especially by two forms of expressions: figurative art and abstract art, and most of the time, both forms are conjugated in the same painting, her works are registered in the expressionistic and symbolist as movement of art.

By looking at paintings of Lumina Wang, certain spectators evoke the works of Frida Kahlo or Marc Chagall. Nevertheless, even she really loves these two artists and theirs works, the artistic expression of Lumina Wang is always original and "personal", "When I paint, I could not manage to hide". She confirmed.
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