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The Crumbling of Time, 2022


Real silver painting on slate.
Original Item, 39 x 39 x 1 cm

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About the Product

Slate with real silver paint.

39 cm square with a tie on the back. Very protected shipment.

"Stone is charged with memory. It remembers the sky and the sea. The sculptor is someone who frees this material from its gravity, who brings to light what the mists of time have obscured." Excerpt from "Marc MUGNIER ou la Pierre Qui Chante" by Michel LAGRANGE, poet.

About Marc MUGNIER

Sculpture/Nature : "Marc Mugnier is an artist of the imagination of matter, a recent conquest of non-figurative art. Nevertheless, he uses archetypal forms, those engraved deep in the human psyche which correspond to trends, revealed or not, of “Nature naturing”. Art as Nature itself… Adding to Nature… Creating “works” that Nature has not thought of… The artist’s scope of action is no longer limited, and each time he/she must invent his/her own method. Never has art come so close to the secrets of our tiny planet, to make these rhythms and forms sing. Beneath an open sky." Jean-Clarence LAMBERT
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