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Composition 9, 2002

Marina Ross

Oil on canvas

  Original Painting, 82 x 62 x 2 cm

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Marina Ross

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From the Greek temple of Poseidon in Greece to a Springtime view of the Acropolis hill; roses, poppies and olive trees surrender magically before your eyes only to entice you into their immense beauty. As if you can almost feel the bright sun caressing your face and happiness radiating through the fragrance of every flower that draws all good things towards you. The art of Marina Ross is a magic stroll of freedom, attributed to our fundamental origin of nature.

Every oil painting is a sheer reminder that fulfilment lies in simple things, in golden sunsets and in the clear blue waters of Aegean Sea. Every ink mark is a constant escape to the cobbled streets of dainty towns and cosy moments upon a Persian carpet, feeling the rough or soft texture of everything that surrounds us.

This artist is all about feelings, moods and long forgotten emotions. She miraculously brings eternal summer to your heart, rebirth of consciousness and appreciation of life itself. Simply place a seashell to your ear and let it serenade you until morning...
Kelly KaimakiCurated by
Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

About Marina Ross

From the family of scientists, she received a university degree in the natural sciences of marine biology. Since childhood, she loved the sea and has an innate talent for drawing. A few years ago, after a severe car accident, she found the strength to continue living, devoting herself to her favourite things - the sea, painting and roses. Lives on the shores of the Aegean, combining her passion for marine science and painting, and where she has an art studio with a magnificent garden full of roses.
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