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Celest, 2017

Kerstin Paillard

Pastel on canvas

  Original Painting, 100 x 100 x 4 cm

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About Kerstin Paillard

Kc Paillard, born in 1977 in Paris (France), grown up in Stockholm (Sweden), is a Franco-Swedish artist who lives and works between Nice and Stockholm. She paints with dry pastel on canvas. She draws her inspiration from her legacy, double culture, Art History, the beauty of nature, the northern and southern light and skies, as well as her emotions and dreams. Her pictorial style is a sensitive and original combination, fluctuating between Abstract Expressionism and Color Field Painting (Helen Frankenthaler, Rothko, Emil Nolde, Degas).

Her abstract paintings are a personal expression of her fascination for colours and forms, the northern light and the southern brightness, the interstices of life. Rhythm, harmony and textures are important in the paintings that she makes. Every painting starts with a picture in her mind, inspired by a text, a poem, some lyrics from a song or an opera, a dream she had, her fascination for other forms of art like ballet, the sky and its unique and ever-changing design. She puts on some music, often her brother’s and the colors pop up. Every note, every word, every thought is a color.
She uses dry pastel with pure pigments, that she crushes, smashes and smears on the canvas, with her fingers and hands, kneeling on the floor, feeling the textures: it is a very physical way of painting. The multiple layers create new combinations and collisions, the light appears or disappears like a cloudy sky, a dream landscape, an ethereal world.

The paintings include fragments from the past, her dreams and her imagination mixed with images from her life, translated from her emotions. She uses fragments of the past and the present. The paintings have old and well-known imagery, sometimes they are organic, trying to get into the deepness of the soul, sometimes they are spiritual, celestial, dreamy and romantic. She creates images that question the spectator and invite him to take part in an immaterial world, filled with serenity, existentialism and poetry.

Kc Paillard studied Fine Arts in Vallauris (France) for 1 year, in order to prepare a competitive examination to enter a Contemporary Art School, Villa Arson of Nice, where she studied Contemporary Art during 3 years and obtained a diploma in Fine Arts. Then, after 5 years at the University of Montpellier (France), she obtained a Master degree in Art History.
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