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Floating Machines-37, 2019

Fernando Gaspar

Acrylic on canvas

  Original Painting, 60 x 60 x 4 cm

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Signed by Artist
 Certificate of Authenticity
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About Fernando Gaspar

A self-taught artist exploring themes of identity and belonging, Fernando Gaspar tells stories and recounts journeys through his work. Gaspar’s painting, sculpture, and poetry are rooted in a fascination with the concept of territorial identity. His paintings examine the relationship between brushstrokes rather than color relationships. Just as identity is determined by language and a sense of belonging, Gaspar attempts to reveal identifying marks and underscore similarities. “Argonauts” (2013), for example, is a series of oversized iron helmets inspired by the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. The helmets are stand-ins for the heroes, encapsulating the entire tale, the figures, and their values.

Fernando Gaspar, Cada Lugar II, Galeria de São Mamede
Fernando Gaspar | Floating Machines, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Fernando Gaspar: A Retrospective, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Separated Land: Agartha, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Argonauts: Separated Land, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Group shows
Group Exhibition, Galeria de São Mamede
Beauty: A Cause, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Bold Moves: Black and White Works, Johnson Lowe Gallery
BLOOM: Color, Caress & Seduction, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Behind The Artist Touch: Paper Works, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Abloom With Color, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Rhapsody In Blue, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Creme de le Crimson, Johnson Lowe Gallery
Bill Lowe Gallery at The Estate, Johnson Lowe Gallery
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