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Last Year's Man, 2022

Filippa Bjerling

Oil on canvas, black wood framed

  Original Painting, 48 x 66 x 2 cm

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 Certificate of Authenticity
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About Filippa Bjerling

To me painting implies a process and a search in which the people always play a significant role – I proceed from them. As a first step of this process, I have drawn men and women, old and young, in public settings. I have for instance observed and sketched them at Wien Westbahnhof, in the U-Bahn in Berlin, on a park bench near Promenade des Anglais or at Malmö Central Station. At these moments they find themselves in a transient course of events and they are encountered by other people who are all travelling in the same span. Here encounters emerge and new constellations are being formed. Maybe these will remain, maybe they will be dissolved.
In the same way as these constellations are unknown to the beholder, the canvas seems to hide its destination until the very end and the mazes during the process of the painting are many. However, in this intricate labyrinth which is defined not only by a search for harmony between colour, shape and line but also for the balance between harshness and fragility, I somehow look for a harmonious solution. With help from the people mentioned above, I hope to find this harmony in the work on the canvas. At least in some way.
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