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Rainy & Ethereal V, 2020

Vanessa Gkouliopoulou

3D laser scanning point cloud on Giclée
Original Print, 45 x 45 cm

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United Kingdom
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About the Product

Rain: condensed atmospheric water vapour that falls from the sky in the form of droplets. From realistic to symbolic notion, water has the power of cleansing our body and our souls. The rainy feeling has been illustrated with the use of a construction concrete texture in the background. The focal point though is an object designed to protect us from the rain - an umbrella, a combination of a rigid and symmetrical structure covered by an organic layer of fabric, highlighting an ethereal existence.

About Vanessa Gkouliopoulou

The world we see, the things we touch, the images we capture in our minds, everything around us...textures, colours, materials, individual items, complex structures, human bodies and nature…How many different ways are there to see the world? Starting point can be anything existing and the process runs through infinite perspectives, experimentation and a personal point of view to depict reality with a creative twist.
After graduating as a Surveyor Engineer, Vanessa attended an MSc in Preservation, Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Monuments. She has worked in Greece and UK in various archaeological, residential and commercial projects gaining experience in the surveying field. After focusing on reality capture projects, and fascinated by the potential of 3D laser scanning technology, she started experimenting with 3D point cloud images leading her way to slice of life project art prints.

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