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Warm January, 2023

Andrei Belaichuk

Classic Black Frame
Acrylic glass, Show White mountboard
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About Andrei Belaichuk

Andrei Belaichuk was born in 1977 in Belarus. Displaying a vivid talent and interest in art from early childhood, he started drawing at the age of three. Recognizing his passion, his parents supported his artistic aspirations. In his teenage years, he attended an art school where he began showcasing his potential and fell in love with the world of painting.

At the art school, Andrey received a comprehensive education, exploring various painting techniques and styles. His teachers noticed his talent and dedication to art, praising his creative originality and vibrant ideas. Actively participating in exhibitions and competitions, his works captured the attention and interest of the audience.

After completing art school, Andrey decided to fully dedicate himself to his art. He traveled across different corners of his country and beyond, reveling in the beauty and diversity of nature. These journeys became his main source of inspiration, allowing him to delicately capture and convey the natural textures, colors, and atmosphere in his works. Each new painting was an attempt to convey the power and beauty of nature, awakening emotions and a special connection to the environment. His paintings quickly gained recognition from collectors and art critics for their depth, emotional resonance, and vibrant color palette.

Andrey's works leave unforgettable impressions, transporting the viewer to a serene and beautiful world of nature. The artist's creativity continues to awe and inspire people worldwide.

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For our prints we use Enhanced Matte Art (EMA) 200gsm, natural white paper. A premium quality heavyweight fine art print material with a smooth, clean finish. This museum-quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full colour graphics or illustrations. The matte finish emphasises different highlights and tones in the source artworks; helping to create stunning works of art with the detail and vibrancy they deserve.


Our frames are created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. This frame has a square profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 23mm (depth from wall). Available in black, white and brown.


Our Snow White standard mounts are available at depth of 1.4mm. All mounts are "conservation grade", FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age.


Our canvas prints are stretched and framed using a 12-colour Giclée process; providing you with spectacular quality each and every time.

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