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tim southall
tim southall
Artist // Spain

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Art for Business

Looking to fill multiple rooms or larger spaces?

We help you curate your interiors with unique inspirations.

Our professional art curators collaborate with hotel decorators, architects and interior designers to create exciting and unique professional spaces. With our knowledge and deep network of contacts, we can advise, source unique pieces and work together to exceed your expectations.

Interior Designers

Make your mark with something different. If you’re looking for that perfect artwork to complete a project, or need inspiration for an edgy new style, we will provide you with easy access to all sorts of art jewels to inspire and delight your demanding clientele.


Your sweeping angles and carefully orchestrated construction can be perfectly balanced with original art. We collaborate in order to make a vague idea a concrete must have. Together, we select pieces to fit custom spaces, curating a style that complements your architectural creation.


A hotel stay should be about sensations and experiences. We transform hotels from just a place to stay, to a place of living experiences. Luxurious or minimal, futuristic or conventional, we are here to to fill your space with unique art and lifestyle and turn it into an art-bursting boutique accommodation.

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with International Action Art

Buying art from dedicated sellers will provide help and support towards 17 causes, in more than 50 countries.


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Artlimes is the global Art & Design Marketplace. It's where you buy art online, prints, original artworks, interior designs, NFT & jewellery directly from artists, galleries and luxury retailers.

Global Creative Commmunity

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Whether you are an artist, gallery, collector or an enthusiast, you should join us.

We offer the space, the opportunity, the guidance and support to facilitate interaction and discovery in the global creative industry.


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