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Iryna Fedarava

Iryna Fedarava

Gomel, Belarus
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Iryna Fedarava is an artist from Belarus who has exhibited at the national level and abroad.
The artist's passion is embodied in her paintings with the help of color, style and technique. Each of Iryna's paintings is a kind of symbol of the origin of life, a source of energy, a symbol of goodness and beauty. The artist's works are made in the technique of oil and acrylic painting. In her works, Iryna strives to convey to the viewer the beauty of nature and each of its objects.
Iryna's style is realism and impressionism. Over time, Iryna became interested in pop art and presents her art for those who want to get a bright modern image in an artistic presentation.
Iryna's artistic works have been presented at solo, group and charity exhibitions. Her artworks have been exhibited at the National Center for Contemporary Art. Iryna's artworks are in private collections in the USA, England, Ireland, Spain, Poland, the Arab Emirates and Belarus.
2022 • "Сreative Wave III", State University Named After F.skaryny, Gomel, Belarus
2021 • "Sympho-Sax 2", College Of Arts Named After N.f. Sokolovsky, Gomel, Belarus
2019 • "I'm Monet, I'm Shishkin, I'm Malevich", Museum-Palace Of Rumyantsev-Paskevich, Gomel, Belarus
2019 • "I'm An Artist-That's How I See It", Art Gallery Of G.h. Vashchenko, Gomel, Belarus
2019 • Charity Exhibition. "Day Of Family, Love And Fidelity", City Center Of Culture, Gomel, Belarus
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