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Nicholas Robertson

Nicholas Robertson

Cheltenham, United Kingdom


Born in Gloucester and living and working in Cheltenham UK. I like to work in acrylic because it allows me to experiment, making changes quickly is paramount when wishing to explore your options. I suspect like most figurative artists I find drawing and painting the human form wholly embedded with human behaviour. The desire to secure more than a representation of a persons movement, the spilling of light over contours or the various other physical facets is the reason we continue to make paintings. To recast emotions in texture, colour and pattern and to make it still, perhaps this is a measure of a successful painting.
I have sold work around the world, to individuals and organisations and have produced award winning public art (usually with a colleague) for various institutions.
1993 • Civic Award - Mural
2017 - April • Art in Care, Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, United Kingdom
2011 - March • Open Studio, Artists Open Studio, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
2000 - May • The Nude, Martins Gallery, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
1996 - November • -, Montpellier Galleries, Cheltenham & Stratford, United Kingdom
1992 - July • -, Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford & Withington, United Kingdom

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