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No Fear Of Dreams Only Of Shallow Living, 2017

Michelle Hold

Acrylics and pigments on canvas

  Original Painting, 120 x 120 x 4 cm

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Michelle Hold

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Every brush on her canvas is a well constructed balance between aesthetic contemplation and poetic narrative, an archaic language that speaks straight to the inner world of every spectator by decoding long forgotten feelings and wishes.

Michelle Hold's paintings are much more than abstract representations of life, the presence or absence of colour hues a specific way to propel dreamy visions that travel beyond the barriers of expressionism.

This artist has the magic touch to freeze a moment in time and thus create before your eyes an eternal arena where everything is possible.
Michelle Hold has 2 Awards and 40 Shows.
Kelly KaimakiCurated by
Kelly Kaimaki, Creative Writer / Curator

About Michelle Hold

Award-winning artist, born in Germany, Michelle lived long periods of time in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, London, now she is based in Italy, close to Milan. She has exhibited solo shows throughout Europe and China, participated in group shows worldwide, and in international art fairs in Berlin, Milan, Miami; Athens, Vilnius. Her works are privately collected around the world.

Michelle's paintings can be called a balance between aesthetic contemplation and poetic narrative, a visible declaration of an archaic language of the soul. Much more than just abstract paintings her work is layered, lyrical, euphoric yet pensive energy going far beyond expressionism. The presence or absence of colour hues is a specific way to propel wishes, hopes and dreams. Colour is a living and pulsating entity that offers an agreement between who is painting and who is looking at the canvas, resulting in a profound connection between the inner world of who is looking and the desire of the artist to convey. Feelings, emotions and the scarcity of beauty in current times inspire Michelle Hold to paint, creating abstract works which hold a special connection with the viewer, a personal moment frozen in time where all is possible.

Time spent studying architecture has influenced her construction methods, creating images with multiple layering while her experience in the textile industry has formed her equilibrated use of colour. Her paintings which vary in size and style are created with 'dance like' gestures. They are dramatic yet peaceful, loud and vibrant with space for quiet contemplation. They are the artist's visual representation of the eternal energy of the universe.
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