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Cubic Spaces 3

Cubic Spaces 3, 2022


Classic Black Frame
Acrylic glass, Show White mountboard

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Canduela has 4 Awards.


He is one of the most remarkable emerging sculptor of the new artistic scene in Spain, he has done more than 60 expos, exhibited in Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, and won several prizes. His metallic work wanders about the idea of the sacred. He gets the inspirations from classic forms that he puts together with modernity through a simplification exercise. One can sense the influence of great contemporary sculptors such as Noguchi, Chillida, Julio González or Richard Serra.

Canduela’s work, in metallic welded sheets, is an outstanding pledge on the sculptural quality, on the well-done job and on the attention of the details.

The goal of his work is to condense and summarize, through abstraction, the human subconscious. He takes as an essential example the interaction between the artist and his work. The sculptures arouse a singular attraction as well as a self-presence that is almost magnetic.

Roberto Canduela’s career is moving upwards. Some of his sculptures are part of private collections; some has been used as Public Work in Spain for different companies and organizations.

La serie spazi cubici è sviluppata in acciaio saldato e verniciato, montato su una base in pietra.
Le sculture di questa serie giocano con singoli pezzi cubici che creano un unico spazio scultoreo una volta assemblati. Il gioco di rotazioni, movimenti e assemblaggi genera una forma complessa con una grande varietà di punti di vista, con molte sfumature e anfratti.
Questa collezione di sculture è presentata in serie di 10 unità uniche, numerate e firmate dall'autore.
La vivacità del colore, con cui vengono presentate le sculture, ci trasporta nell'architettura contemporanea, nella manifattura industriale o nel design d'avanguardia, se ci si allontana dal punto di vista scultoreo. La sfida, che questi pezzi mirano a raggiungere, è combinare tutte queste visioni senza pervertirne nessuna.

Tutte le sculture sono realizzate a mano e potrebbero differire leggermente dalla foto.

Η σειρά cubic spaces αναπτύσσεται από συγκολλημένο και βαμμένο ατσάλι, τοποθετημένο σε πέτρινη βάση.
Τα γλυπτά αυτής της σειράς παίζουν με μεμονωμένα κυβικά κομμάτια που δημιουργούν έναν ενιαίο γλυπτό χώρο όταν συναρμολογούνται. Το παιχνίδι των περιστροφών, των κινήσεων και της συναρμολόγησης δημιουργεί ένα περίπλοκο σχήμα με μεγάλη ποικιλία απόψεων, με πολλές αποχρώσεις και γωνίες και γωνίες.
Αυτή η συλλογή γλυπτών παρουσιάζεται σε σειρά από 10 μοναδικές ενότητες, αριθμημένες και υπογεγραμμένες από τον συγγραφέα.
Η ζωηρότητα του χρώματος, με την οποία παρουσιάζονται τα γλυπτά, μας μεταφέρει στη σύγχρονη αρχιτεκτονική, τη βιομηχανική κατασκευή ή το avant-garde design, αν απομακρυνθούμε από τη γλυπτική σκοπιά. Η πρόκληση, που αυτά τα κομμάτια στοχεύουν να επιτύχουν, είναι να συνδυάσουν όλα αυτά τα οράματα χωρίς να διαστρεβλώσουν κανένα από αυτά.
Όλα τα γλυπτά είναι χειροποίητα και ενδέχεται να διαφέρουν ελαφρώς από τη φωτογραφία.

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